Bringing Augmented Reality to Everybody

The problem

We develop a low-code solution (SDK/API)  enabling mass adoption of AR/VR devices in professional 3D applications without the need to redesign them in terms of both controls and the method of rendering 3D content.
We help the end-users to keep the way of work how they were used to it while offering them new user interfaces such as AR/VR glasses.


Our solution enables you to add augmented reality capabilities to the already existing application without the need of rewriting them in big monolithic engines such Unity or Unreal, or adding OpenXR support. You get the resulting image directly to the glasses (remote rendering), without having to specially modify the application for the glasses or any conversion or sending your data out of your HW. At the same time, this library will allow you to control this application, even if it has never been designed for direct control in 3D.

  • Local multi-user remote rendering
  • Controls on mobile physical touchscreen devices or simulated in AR
  • Support for optical marker tracking
  • Automatic generation of 3D models and depth maps from remote rendering data, support for creating a 3D model of the physical environment back into the desktop application.

Any kind of data

We can render/stream almost any kind of data:

  • Polygonal content, 3D meshes (Geospatial, Mechanical Engineering, Automotive)
  • Dynamic data (Defense, Urban planning)
  • Volumetric data (Medicine)
  • Gaussian splats (new way of 3D scene representation)

Case Studies

Holographic tactic table for 3D dynamic geospatial data

Medicine data on supercomputers

Our Team

Jan Hovora



Lukáš Jelínek


Vision Engineer

Richard Molnár


Software Engineer

Jaroslav Vozár


Graphics Engineer

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